Meet the TEAM…

KimHello, Kim is my name and I hail from England and my experience of detoxing is first hand. Once upon a time, I was like you, the internet was my medium and I knew I needed to change. Unexpectedly perhaps, I was drawn to join a detox program in Thailand; maybe it was the photos of the coconut fringed beaches and the relaxed tropical climate of Koh Samui, but then again, it could have been the exotic Thai culture and healthy cuisine. Perhaps though, more importantly, I sensed I needed to change internally as well as externally and so I enrolled in a detox program. The environment provided me with the space to relax and feel reassured that I could release and let go in mind and body.

Already a trained body worker, Martial Artist and teacher of Fitness, Yoga and the Meditative Arts, my detox experience suited me as much as I suited it! So to cut a very long story short, I (with the help of my husband Gee) decided to create Samui Detox which offers an integrated approach to health and lifestyle.

Every day as coordinator here, teaching, speaking, meeting and working with the guests is as uplifting for me as it is for them. The changes I have seen and continue to see in the guests is what we are offering you if, indeed, you are ready for a positive change in your mind and body.

Hope to see you soon!

"Truly Kim is the young Mother Teresa of the detox world (without the wrinkles). She takes in the unfit and the unclean and generously gives her personal, timeless attention, love & wisdom and provides us with the knowledge and tools to extend and live a more fulfilled way of life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you"

Mark (UK)

GeeMy name is Gee and I have been working in the tourist industry for over 20 years (in a variety of positions from Resident Detox Spa Manager to Restaurant Entrepreneur). Witnessing the deteriorating health of the foreign visitors, I realized that by developing an ‘Integrated Detox Centre’, I could help people learn the benefits of traditional Thai / Asian healing techniques to support and improve their health and quality of life.

I hope to share with you my knowledge of Thai Cuisine, Asian Exercise, Thai Herbal remedies and Thai Massage.  My philosophy is to make things easy & simple and I hope that by joining us, you will enjoy 'Simple food, Simple exercise & Simply taking care of yourself!

“Gee & Kim, what a truly wonderful team you make. I have been totally looked after in every way and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience, love & support. You have my utmost respect. After completing 2 other detox programs in Thailand, I can honestly say I have learned more and enjoyed my experience here far more. Thank you” Lisa (UK)

“You are two amazing people. Words cannot express my thanks to you both. You are true professionals, dedicated to your work with passion. You pour your hearts into your beliefs and leave no option but success.”

Seamus Mee (Miami)

OuuHi my name is Ouu. I’ve lived & worked on Koh Samui for most of my life and I’ll be the first person to meet and greet you as soon as you arrive. Upon your transfer to Samui Detox, I‘ll be on hand to offer you help & support throughout your program – your needs are my most important concern.

I have a wealth of local knowledge which I hope to share with you too, should you wish to learn anything about Thai Culture. I hope you’ll love Samui Detox and Thailand as much as I do!

Ouu's assistantHello, I am Ouu’s assistant and I prepare your daily supplements & juices and ensure that the program activities run to schedule. I am here to prompt you if you forget to take your supplements and / or if you forget it’s time for steam or massage.  In the tranquil environment of Samui Detox you can leave your watch behind!


“I can’t thank the Samui Detox team for all they have done to make my stay not only pleasurable but very enjoyable. They are all truly lovely people who give a lot of themselves. I shall definitely come back again.”
Karen (UK)

PotHi, I’m Pot and I’ve been working at Samui Detox for the last 4 years. I will be guiding you on your morning walk to one of Koh Samui’s beautiful beaches. I am a qualified first aider (trained by the Military) and whilst my English is limited, I hope that my actions speak louder than words!

My other responsibilities include maintaining the grounds and swimming pool at the resort, setting up your daily colonic irrigation equipment and taking pride in ensuring everything is ready when you need it!


Ann and ShoHi, our names are Ann & Sho and we help keep your rooms and the resort spotlessly clean. We hope that you will be comfortable in the beautiful surroundings of Samui Detox. We are very creative and hope that you will also enjoy our artistry, from our towel folding to our flower arrangements!


“Everybody that works here has been wonderful and feels like a friend to me now. I really appreciate the kind, supportive and individual treatment I received.”

Sharon (UK)

Bon and TaOur names are Bon & Ta and when you join us for your daily Thai Massage, we will help to melt your stresses and tensions away!  Between us we have over 30 years of experience. We were first introduced to Thai Massage by our relatives whose experience had been passed down through the generations. We both then received formal training in Thai Massage at the renound Wat Po Temple in Bangkok.

We are also qualified in other therapeutic treatments such as Hot Stone Massage, Foot Reflexology and Anti-Cellulite / Herbal Steam Massage.

Without words to prompt us, we can read and interpret what your body needs and we hope you'll enjoy the amazing sense of well-being you will feel after our massage!

“Not only were we delighted to have massages every day but excellent ones too!”
E. Spencer (UK)

Samui Detox Team

"So I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all the Samui Detox family: Kim (dedicated, kind and extremely professional), Gee (a man with a different story to tell), Pot (Tom Yum Kung!), Bon (firm but extremely talented masseuse). You are all the kindest and smiliest people I’ve ever met."

Nicolas (France)