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Pain Free

I came on the recommendation of friends. As a medical doctor, I hope a fairly open minded one, I was not expecting much other than a bit of weight loss and a relaxing holiday. How wrong can you be! Within 2 weeks of detox, daily massage and yoga, my chronic back problems are settled. complications from old orthopedic surgery are sorted and food cravings gone. I am definitely making dietary changes when I return and also aim to find a yoga class.

I'll be recommending Samui Detox to others and plan to return myself in 18 - 24 months time (of sooner if I can) to make sure I keep on track.

Kim - keep up the good work! Your obvious belief and sincerity in what you teach is what makes this place so effective as well as your superb and dedicated staff. I will be in touch as promised.

love, Mavis

From: Mavis


The Best Detox Centre

After researching lots of detox places, Samui Detox was the one that stood out from the rest and this is where I ended up and it's one of the best things I ever did.

It was tough going at times but everything I went through was well worth the results. Thanks so much to Kim, the most inspirational person I've ever met. Your knowledge, support, kindness and humour really got me through!

Everyone here is absolutely fantastic! All so helpful - nothing is ever too much trouble and they all do it with genuine care and concern.

Overall, a fantastic week made easy by great company, a fun day out and tremendous support.

Weight Loss - 10 lbs in 7 days. Waist shrank by 7 cm!

Hope to see you all again, love Rachael.

From: Rachael


What a Fantastic Program!

I am going to miss this place so much! Coming here was such an enlightening experience. I learned so much about health & nutrition from Kim. She was so soothing and calm explaining foreign things like colonics and liver flushes. I was a lettle nervous of my first colonic & liver flush but Kim explained them in such detail that I could comfortably and confidently do them. I have to say, I'm actually going to miss the colonics!

With each day of my cleanse, I felt like a brighter, happier person. When I came here, I was not happy about myself and had come from working out and eating regularly to not taking care of myself at all. Doing the program has given me knowledge and confidence that I can once again carry out a healthy lifestyle. Kim taught me what kinds of foods I should put into my body and has helped me to see that my goals can become a reality. I thank her for that.

The staff here are absolutely amazing and so attentive. I love everyone.

The massages every day were absolutely divine. The morning walks left me feeling exhilarated and the daily yoga helped me to stretch out my tight body.

If you really want to change your lifestyle, this is the best place to come to.

Thank you Kim & Gee for your all of your help & support. Your program has exceeded all of my expectations and I will be recommending you to all of my friends and family.

Terra (Wasilla, Alaska)

From: Terra


Best Investment of my lifetime!

I agree 100 % with what everyone said! It is an absolutely amazing place and the people are great and very hospitable! I will surely go again!

Thanks Kim and co. You guys are the best!!

From: Ahmed Rahman



I spent a 7 weeks at Samui Detox, I was approx 118 kgs when I arrived. I was bloated, stomach ache daily,tired, I felt like no matter what diet I tried I simply couldn't lose enough to keep myself motivated. The owner Kim was well educated , but more importantly she understood what we were going through on our detox journey, she was passionate in sharing her information with us. She answered all our questions and I felt confident that she did not give us any advice/info that she herself had not had experience with. The nutrition workshops were great. I came away learning to be more patient with myself.. what foods do what to my body, a greater understanding of my internal system, new recipes. Since being home as of end August, I  have  lost 2 more kilos & embraced much of what I learned at the resort, recipes, more water intake, swapping certain foods, enemas, and the result is..... I  feel better..more energy and for the 1st time in a long time I feel confident that I can stick to my new regime.  I highly recommend Kim to you, no question is a silly question and the detox for 1st timers can be daunting but Kim will look after you.When I left I was 100kilos, and altho I got out of it what I put into it, I would like to thank Kim for her help.

From: Teigh



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